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Glam Media is one of the fastest growing online media properties in the world and is #1 in reaching women with lifestyle content. We support a portfolio of over 5000 Content Creator properties worldwide which deliver highly engaging, influential content developed by our growing community of content creators. With a global audience of more than 356 million monthly unique visitors*, we leverage our vertical media model to connect with millions of women and men outside the United States.


Advertisers can access this huge audience directly through Glam in North America (US and Canada), Asia  (including Japan, and South Korea) and Europe (including Germany, the United Kingdom and France) as well as through our sales and marketing partners in Australia, China, Singapore, Italy, Spain, the Middle East, South Africa, and Russia. In fact, we have the capability to aggregate viewers from almost anywhere in the world. We focus on local creators and brands, creating original, local and highly engaging in-market experiences.


We have designed and created a digital ecosystem that touches consumers, content creators and brand advertisers throughout the world in eight languages. Our goal is to increase our direct presence in strategic international locations as the market requires.

*Internal data, June 2012

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