Right Audience. Right Context. Right Results.


The Glam Media  audience is a highly passionate and diverse group of people that over indexes for female decision makers. They can be segmented into very unique types from Beauty Junkie to Haute Hostess, and from Shopaholic to Metro Man. Our ability to audience segment delivers very sophisticated targeting for brands resulting in an audience of best prospects. Glam consumers are attracted to the authentic voices of our lively content creators and are among the most engaged on the Internet.


Consumers visit sites in the Glam Digital Ecosystem to:


Engage anytime and everywhere on any platform.


Connect and follow others who share similar passions and interests.


Discover content and advertising packaged within an appropriate context, making it relevant and useful.




The Glam Audience spans a broad range of age groups, educational backgrounds and income levels. While particularly strong among women 18-34 — 127 comScore index — we also hold the number one position in the key lifestyle demographic. Glam has also become a major player with men and families. We currently hold the first, second or third position in style, food and family in several markets and are a strong perfomer in entertainment.



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