Why Brands Choose Glam


Glam understands women. We always have. And as brand advertisers know, women are an integral part of household purchasing decisions. According to the Employment Policy Foundation, the number of women earning more than $100,000 has tripled in the last 10 years, giving women more purchasing power and decision-making input. Women purchase 85% of all consumer products (Media Post, March, 2012). That’s huge. Brands realize that reaching this desirable group through online media is imperative to building their brands where these valuable consumers spend their precious time. Glam delivers that female and moms demographic at scale.


People have become the new content filters. According to comScore, approximately 20% of time spent online is spent in social media and niche sites, giving this category the largest share of time spent online.  As these authentic authors become more influential, marketers have increasingly  invested in online advertising to reach consumers. Glam provides a social content platform across multiple verticals where brands can actively engage consumers.


Unique perspectives and influential voices. Brand advertisers strategically target various lifestyle verticals that appeal to their consumers. The Glam community of Content Creators offers a very personal shared experience that builds trust and loyalty. Ultimately these Content Creators can affect purchase behavior for our brands making lifestyle verticals a highly desirable, growing market.


Premium brand safe environment. Glam creates and curates best-in-class lifestyle content from thousands of Content Creators and Authors from the Glam Ecosystem to ensure brand ads are positioned appropriately in the right context.  We choose sites that will enhance your message and engage consumers.


Creative that delivers consumer engagement and garners Higher ROI. Glam uses advanced targeting to deliver advertising campaigns based on behavior, retail buying patterns and content technology. Glam’s digital campaign impact on your brand is often three times higher than industry standards and we can show you examples to prove it.


One of the very few global media companies. Glam can develop and deliver multi-country advertising campaigns in local context, supported by local Content Creators that enable one consistent message around the globe. Choose two countries or ten, it doesn’t matter. Glam has you covered.

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