Passionate Voices


Glam Content Creators are professional authors, journalists and social ecosystem creators from several key advertising verticals. These creators, many of whom have been with us for years, bring what they know and love to an active audience online. Their authentic voices deliver 1:1 communication with a personal expert perspective. More than 4000 content creators from around the world are part of Glam Media today.


Glam content creators are digital lifestyle writers, photographers and producers in niche categories who we carefully select to be a part of our ecosystem. Content creators are attracted to Glam because we deliver innovative brand advertising solutions that complement their content and provide attractive financial returns. Glam helps grow their businesses because we:


  • Monetize their content
  • Provide access to premium brands and complementary advertising
  • Establish credibility for their content and businesses
  • Support them by building strategic relationships
  • Offer a technology platform for managing and tracking advertising
  • Provide account management services
  • Enable lively social engagement


Glam Authors

Glam Authors are content creators who develop original content that appears on a Glam owned and operated site. An author could be a content creator from a Glam Content Creator property, or an independent author without a website in the Glam ecosystem but who submits original content through the Glam platform for broad distribution to the Glam audience. These authors also have the opportunity to monetize the content they create for Glam.


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