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Ning: Glam Social Platform


Ning is a hosted, self-service platform for creating and cultivating branded online communities. With more than two million Ning communities built on the platform. The latest release of Ning 3.0 is aimed at social leaders who already have a strong following on Facebook and Twitter, Ning lets their audiences discover, like, pin, love, share, comment and review on the content they are most interested in.


Ning 3.0 provides all the integrated features you need to launch a community in no time including:


•    Powerful design tools for the look you want
•    Multiple instances with distinct audiences, contributors, commenting systems and levels of privacy.
•    New Social Streams feature to integrate videos from YouTube or Vimeo
•    Flexible commenting capabilities for non-members through Disqus or Facebook.
•    New themes and more than 1,400 background images to choose from.
•    More capability for expert designers
•    Smooth site transition to any device — smartphone, tablet or laptop.
•    The ability to use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn credentials to sign up members.
•    Aggregation of your live streams from other social channels
•    Advanced members management with powerful moderation controls
•    Options to run advertising, charge for access or collect donations


The Ning platform also powers the social fabric of Glam’s owned and operated properties including Foodie, Tend and Glam.

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Traditionally, brand advertiser programs are managed through a highly manual process that limits the capacity for syndication and amplification. GlamIgnite automates programs for Content Creators and brands. Creators can develop and upload content into the Ignite platform and brands can choose to amplify this content by syndicating it on a parent blog, other Glam content creator sites, or their own social platforms via Facebook and Twitter. Ignite goes one step further than just a content management system by applying a sophisticated layer of performance and social analytics. Each piece of content, each creator and each program are measured by sociability and advertiser performance thus delivering a benchmark for social content that allows content creators to replicate their success.


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